Remove Dandruff in Curly Hair By Doing This

best dandruff shampoo for curly hair

Removing dandruff in curly hair is not an easy process. Curly hair is not made like straight hair or Asian hair. It requires extra care and certain techniques to get the dandruff out properly. You may want to also consider buying the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair while your at it. Regular dandruff shampoos may not work if you have curly hair. Especially, for the people who have really curly hair. Dandruff shampoo designed for curly hair people performs a higher dandruff removal procedure in curly hair people. The hair that you have is tough and needs to be handled in a way that makes it soft. Also, in a way that gets rid of dandruff that doesn’t want to let go. The dandruff that is in the roots of the hair can be very hard to get rid of. Let it grow there longer and you will found yourself having dandruff again next week. Cleaning and getting rid of dandruff in the roots is the key to making curly hair dandruff free. To learn more how to get rid for curly hair people read below.

Prep Hair With Natural Oil Before Adding Shampoo

You can add natural oil to your scalp before using dandruff shampoo to give hair a better clean. Doing this will help the hair in your skin hydrate better and add water to scalp. Leave the dandruff in your scalp and hair for 30 minutes. Let it sit there and neutralize all bacteria that wants to make a home in your head. Next, apply the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair and you should be done with dandruff. Dry skin and irritation is root cause of your dandruff bacteria. If you can get rid of the dandruff with natural oil and dandruff shampoo, then you should go for it and apply it. Now, this step does add more time to your day. You have to wash hair with two different shampoos. But, the results and odds of you getting rid of dandruff lurking in your beautiful curly hair is great. Suck it up for two weeks or more and get your dandruff destroyed. Once it is gone, you can go back to washing hair with dandruff shampoo or any shampoo you want.

What Causes Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by many things. The main causes are stress, not washing hair, using certain shampoos, using wrong beauty products, sweat, and letting hair come in contact with liquids that cause it problems. In short, liquids that invade your hair day to day can cause dandruff. Dandruff can be rooted out good if you wash daily or atleast once every 3 days. As for the stress, you got to do things that help you stop worrying about the world around you. Lay off the drugs and the alcohol. Try to be with the clouds and just live life. Do not worry about accomplishing things unless it is work related and try to be relaxed. Always, try to be relaxed and hopefully that will get rid of stress. In any situation, you got to relax. You going to go through problems that everybody goes through.

Use Moisturizing Conditioners for Dandruff Curly Hair

Some moisturizing conditioners can help your curly hair reach full health. Ph levels in curly hair are often unbalnced. Balance the PH levels by using conditioners that support curly hair. Some conditioners such as “LivSo Moisturizing Conditioner” have glyclolic acid and high cell turn over which can shred the dandruff right off your scalp. Peeling away the thousands of flakes that make you look awkward when you have an itch in your head. Additionally, dry patch areas on scalp will go away and turn into nice clean and fresh areas. You will have your shine and you will be free from dandruff.

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